Monday, January 28, 2008

Next Stop: Diva Boutiques for Trendy Accessories (and some answers!)

Check out my recent interview with Lisa, owner of Diva Boutiques -- a lovely, LA-based online store that makes you wanna shop 'til you drop! See the image below? This is Lisa's idea of OVER-accessorizing (agree?). Keep reading to see what she's talkin' about, and how this might influence your next shopping trip.

I believe that accessories do not necessarily "make the outfit," but I DO believe that they add a final touch to an already unique look or add style to a plain, simple outfit. What are your thoughts on the importance of accessories?

I think accessories are important to a woman's outfit, it brings a certain outlook on a woman character & personality.

How does Diva Boutiques stand out among other online shops?

Diva Boutiques is a lifestyle boutique. WE are a destination. We do more than sell purses, accessories & shoes. We provide services to suit the lifestyle for our customers to be chic & original from the rest.

If someone visited your boutique and had only 50 bucks to spend, what item would you recommend as a must-have without knowing that person's wardrobe?

Clutches & flats are the rave for spring 2008, so I would recommend our Bambi Clutch ($20.00), which comes in 6 beautiful colors & our Bamboo Flats ($29.99), which comes in 3 colors. You will always be able to find something to go with these pieces.

Is it possible to over-accessorize an outfit?

I do think there is a such thing as over-accessorizing; it will make you look either overdressed or like you forgot to take off last night's jewelry. Too many accessories will also undercut their own impact. Using a single piece of great jewelry or a fab belt makes more of a statement than lots of different things.

I do say wear big accessories, but only a few. Something delicate like gold necklace is one thing, but a long string of bright glass beads, chandelier earrings, or a chunky bracelet can add oomph to a simple jean & tank outfit.

When I dress up, I make sure I get the attention and look of "Wow, you look great! " or " Your outfit is hot." I don't want to walk out of the house and get looks of "She is doing to much" or "She looks real busy." There is moderation to everything you do and that also includes accessory "Dos & Don'ts."

...Any other thoughts you'd like to share about Diva Boutiques and your merch?

At Diva Boutiques, we strive to give you the "intimate" experience of a brick & mortar store front - but from the comforts of your own home. We are focused on building one-on-one relationships, understanding the needs and desires of our client - our team is a breath of fresh air in the world of online shopping!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Diva Boutiques


Jacquie said...

Wow I will need to place an order there are some really cute items!I really like the Bamboo flats!

Anonymous said...

There are so many cute things, and the prices are just in my budget. I can't wait to order some fun stuff. Thanks for the find Elana!

ShanSoPink said...

I feel cool and important you have my link on your blog! yay! =)