Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bursts of Color (in Sexy Styles!) Ruled the Red Carpet! Check Out My Top 8 Picks!

I absolutely would choose a form-fitting black gown before selecting a bright pop of color for the red carpet! Er...I mean, typically I would choose black. But the bursts of color in sexy silhouettes worn by Hollywood faves, including Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry, are giving me life in a refreshing way! Here are my top 8 looks from the Golden Globes' red carpet coverage:

(Jennifer Lopez)

(Guiliana Rancic)

(Olivia Wilde)

(Jennifer Lawrence)

(Jada Pinkett-Smith...and hubby Will!)

(Katy Perry)

(Emmy Rossum)

(Kate Winslet)

Photo Credits: Random Instagram finds! 

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