Wednesday, October 28, 2015

NEW Podcast Alert: 'So Chic' with Arzo Anwar is Soooo Worth a Listen!

Before I listen to episode 3 of "So Chic" -- a fresh podcast gem on CBS radio -- I must share why this new wave of fashion, beauty, and pop culture chatter from Arzo Anwar is sooooo worth a listen! 

The number one reason why couture-loving fashionistas, beauty product OCD-ers, and pop culture junkies should tune in: it's REAL. Listening to this podcast is pretty much like being a fly on the wall while the girlfriends you wish you had chat about what's hot, what's not, what's a mystery, and what's sooo over. Whether you agree or not with everything being said, it's all just so juicy and on point that you don't wanna move 'cause you don't wanna miss any of the industry insight.

YES - Arzo is delivering relevant content packaged up in random, fabulous convos. Then again, what else would I expect from this New York City fashion entrepreneur (owner of Blend Showroom), celebrity stylist, and Reality TV star of "Beauty, Sweat & Heels" (Season 2) on Bravo?!

In episode 1, Arzo dishes on NYFW Spring '16 with supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel Shanina Shaik, while in episode 2, she welcomes fashion designer Samantha Black ("Project Runway" season 11). With different co-hosts by her side for each episode, including comedian Trena B Real on episode 2, this podcast will also get you thinking about your own wardrobe and image. (e.g., "Ta-ta see-through leggings! I knew I should have gotten rid of you years ago!")

Not only do I stand for authenticity when it comes to fashion choices and how one chooses to present him or herself, but I believe in having the chutzpah to use your authentic voice regarding your thoughts on our fashion climate. So I love that Arzo is someone who knows what she's talking about and does so with a raw, entertaining energy and selectively chooses her co-hosts and guests with a similar vibe.

In episode 3, which I'm about to listen to as I stir up breakfast for my sleepy boyfriend in bed, Arzo welcomes celebrity publicist BJ Coleman. The title of the show is called "It spells chic not chick." Um, yeah, I think this is gonna be goooood. Eggs, bacon, and Arzo. That's how I'm spending my morning. What about you?

Keep up with the latest from Arzo Anwar by following her on Instagram and Twitter! Listen in to catch up with all three episodes of "So Chic." 

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