Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Be a ‘Sweaty Betty’ this Holiday Season in Stylish Gear! Your Summer Body Will Thank You.

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“Just one more cookie and then I swear I won’t have dinner tonight!” No, I do not have an eating disorder. But, yes, like most people, I find myself over-indulging during the holiday season and then feeling kinda guilty about it and stepping back completely (Well, maybe that is some sort of disorder...yikes).

In all seriousness though, human hibernation doesn’t mean to stuff your face simply because it’s “that time of the year.” Rather, it should involve a great combo of eating what you want in moderation and working out a bit more than usual (if you really want to burn off the extra fat the healthy way). I mean, I do exercise; I’ll wake up early Saturday and Sunday mornings and walk the steep streets in my LA neighborhood and I’ll lift weights and do squats while I watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Bravo.

But I know that it’s time to create more of a strict workout schedule – for many reasons. Although I’ve come to find beauty in living in the moment, I also love to dream and fantasize about the days of SoCal summer. In other words, I want to be prepared and feel amazing when it’s time to go bikini shopping.

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And to get myself pumped up to become more active, I know what needs to be done: Get rid of the horrid 5-year old workout gear that is stuffed in my closet and get on board with a new sports bra, yoga pants, and running shoes. Sweaty Betty is a UK-based fitness clothing brand has an insane selection of stylish gear, including girls dance wear and ladies swimwear. I think this could be a cool site to start browsing!

The philosophy behind Sweaty Betty is pretty awesome too: “To inspire women to find empowerment in fitness.” After all, our overall image is influenced by several factors, and how we take care of our bodies reflects in our beauty. Fitness is a crucial aspect that should not be ignored.

Follow Sweaty Betty on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Photos of women getting’ their workouts on will inspire you to finish up that fourth cookie and put on your running shoes.

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