Sunday, March 9, 2014

South American Grassroots Brand 'Sundried' Adds to My Casual SoCal Style!

(Bring it on sun! I've been waiting for you!)

The chilly air, snow, rain, and all that wintertime...STUFF...doesn't really excite me. Totally -- there are many ways to incorporate your summer clothing into your winter wardrobe while embracing gorgeous boots, coats, and hats. But naturally, being a SoCal native and an LA resident, I feel at home in flip-flops, leggings, jeans, tees, tanks, and spaghetti-strapped maxi dresses. They all make me happy under the sun!

(My custom-made Sundried tee is totally #unique!)

So my recent connection with the awesome folks at Sundried, a South American grassroots brand, developed at the perfect time. With summertime inching its way back into my life (making the sound of the waves and the sand between my toes more of an upcoming reality versus a fantasy) I was delighted to receive a custom-made Sundried tee. Here are some fun facts about this eco-conscious and community-driven company:

- Sundried products are handmade and hand-screened!

- Sundried was founded in Peru. It was inspired by a memorable observation of a lone surfer who emerged fresh out of the water after an epic surf, who stood and waited for the sun to rise and for its natural warmth to dry his tired body. (Hence, SUN DRIED.)

- Deeply passionate about charity work, Sundried sponsors Surfers Against Sewage, an environment charity protecting UK waves, oceans and beaches. 

- Sundried has evolved to provide products for the beach, the bar, the street, the swell (ocean), and the skatepark.

- Sundried is loved by active people, from triathletes to surfers throughout Peru, the UK, New Zealand, and the US!

How to connect with this awesome company:

website -



...Tell 'em the Good Girl Gone Shopping says rock on! Happy Shopping!

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