Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rebranding Thy Self: With a New Style...Comes New Behavior?

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It's sooooo totally natural to feel a newfound sense of confidence and clarity when you adjust your image in a new direction, especially when you feel it's an improvement and you notice that others are taking to your reemergence.

In fact, I usually feel sassier when I add I more sex appeal at night (as if I single-handledly brought sexy back in my faux-leather leggings) or when I do something simple, like say, change my nail polish. For years, I have branded myself as the 'Good Girl Gone Shopping' and Elana, the "Talking Chic" columnist for Agenda Magazine. So when I do make subtle changes, I am aware that when others research me, they will perceive everything about me to be key elements of who I am. And actually, not just who I am as a brand...but who I am as a person. 

Now....I didn't see the Miley Cyrus "twerking" thingy with Robin Thicke on the VMA's, but wow, did I hear about it everywhere! From Twitter to Power 106, the comments were anything but kind to this chick. For me, the above pic says it all and I don't really need to see a YouTube clip to play catch-up (even though I'll probably give in and watch it). But, anyway, my point of this article isn't to analyze her behavior. After all, she's in show business and an entertainer and building up hype and yada, yada, yada....I get it... 

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What I find most interesting in general about style, which the Miley fiasco exemplified, is the inner phenomenon that takes place when you take on a new look. Or, rather, explore a different side of yourself that was previously kept under wraps with a "safer" style. I personally find it fascinating that beauty and fashion makeovers can completely create a new image for oneself -- especially an entertainer. Remember, when Britney shaved her head? Of course, you do. Well, that was another moment that made my mind spin a bit (which I wrote about in my Spring 2007 Talking Chic column, "The 'F' in Fashion is for Fun.")

I'm curious as to what you think about the relationship between inner self and style. It's basically a did-the-egg-come-before-the-chicken-scenario. Did Miley's rebellious style exist before her outlandish behavior? Or, did her outlandish behavior just need a little help with the right edgy fashion? 

Talk to me! Feel free to leave your comments. All perspectives are welcome! If you wish, you can also contact me for further commentary. 


Nkenge said...

interesting point of view. I think her style is trying to hard. Its like someone not being true to self at this point. the squeaky clean is not you but the SUPER suggestive over the top antics reminds me of a tween trying to wear her big sisters clothes and makeup. You are not there yet let it come to you natural. There was nothing natural about that performance.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hi Nkenge! Thanks for your comment. You bring up some great points. It DOES feel a bit forced...