Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Do You (Always) Reveal Your Sale Secrets?

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My mom always told me that it's "tacky" to share the sale cost of something you're wearing...especially when you receive a compliment on it. I always responded with something like, "But mom...it was on sale and I'm proud of my purchase!"

Proper way to receive a compliment on a sale item (according to my mom):

Random person: "Love your shoes!"
ME: "Thank you! Very nice of you to say."

My typical way to receive a compliment on a sale item:

Random person: "Love your shoes!"
ME: "Thank you -- OMG, I totally got them for like 5 bucks at Ross! You wouldn't believe how lucky I was...They were the last pair in the wrong aisle. Wow, I swear, so unexpected. Originally I wanted them in black, but the pink were so cute! Do you ever check out the selection at Ross? Not too shabby, at all! And...aaahh, thank you! Very nice of you to say."

It's ironic that the very thing I was raised to not do has become part of my makeup. I truly feel connected to a person once he or she points out an item of mine they like, especially if it is ridiculously affordable. How could I not reveal my sale secret?! Maybe it's a total "faux pas." But this is how I became the self-proclaimed 'Good Girl Gone Shopping' -- being transparent regarding all of my shopping endeavors! I've come to motivate and inspire top-spending fashionistas to have a more budget-conscious mind-frame as well as those who feel they are clueless about how to stretch their $20 for a top.

So, while I love my mother's sophistication regarding compliments and why it is important to keep sale secrets to thyself ("Honey, no one has to know how much you've spent! It's not their business, and they didn't even ask you."), I've learned that I'm a sale, BOGO, and clearance-lover. So I'm gonna speak on it when I feel the time is right!

Soooo....Can you relate to this? Tell me -- Do you always reveal your sale secrets? Please comment and share any and all experiences on this my-mama-calls-a tacky habit!

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