Monday, November 14, 2011

The Glam Fashion of Atlanta and Beverly Hills' Housewives

(The Most Fab Women of Atlanta)

(The Lovely Ladies of Beverly Hills)

So I am sitting at my dining room kitchen table with thoughts galore swimming around my brain. I am listening to Robin Thicke radio on Pandora, with a wine glass full of cold water and a single green tea and cranberry teabag (my fave from Trader Joe's). My organizer is sprawled open and jam-packed with post-it notes reminding me that there is always something to work on (such as contacting the fabulous Ebony Robinson of Nina Fleurina, Sorrelle Ellis of How She Wore It, and Marija Maxfield of Stella & Dot). But the technical side of my brain works best earlier in the day. After 9 p.m., I find myself just googling photos of pretty people. And right now, I keep checkin' out photos of some of my favorite Housewives of Bravo. If you have yet to get in on the spectacular nonsense of the Housewives series, you are missing out on several factors. Think: cattiness, hair pulling, family feuds, Botox, lip fillers, deceitful spouses, as well as air kisses, lazy spa days, lots of bling, and some showstopping fashion.

Now when it comes to the fashion -- be it "good" or "bad" (I never like to label) -- I will tell you that it always sparks my interest. The Housewives have become such a staple to my television schedule, that it is never complete if I miss out on an episode. (Thank you for showing re-run after re-run Bravo, because I do watch them over and over and over...) I become so amazed with the drama that my friend Jessica and I make it a point to meet up and recap the shows and analyze characters to their core ("Girl, you bring the chips, I'll bring the cheese!"). I mean, shoot, there should be a reality show just on her and I being avid fans of really bad TV...and proud of it! But that's another story in itself...

OK, I'm getting off topic. (Ahem) Currently, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" are on this season -- Bravo keeps the various cities in rotation throughout the year. And I gotta say, the Atlanta and Beverly Hills Housewives really do believe in glam style. (Both casts make me wanna wear my Sunday bests even at the gym!) As featured above, I decided to show you only what the Atlanta and Beverly Hills women are working with, 'cause there are Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, New York, DC, and Miami (and my eyes are getting sleepy right now, to be honest). And these "Housewives" really do appear this dolled up in episodes, versus just for these promo photos.

So in conclusion, in Andy Cohen's excited voice, I ask: Who is your favorite housewife and why? Elana and Jessica want to know!

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Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Well, thanks so much Beth! I really enjoy delving into topics that I believe my readers would be find appealing. And the Housewives are among them! :-)

(Please stay tuned for my upcoming blog post: best places to shop, in-store and online, for sales, just in time for the holidays!)

Unknown said...

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