Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attention Men: How to Wear a Vest 3 Different Ways

Whether a cotton pull-over or a button-down dressy style, the vest should be a key piece in a man's closet. Adding it as the third piece to an outfit shows conscious effort and a fashionable mindset. Vests can be found in nearly any store, and for an affordable amount. Think $30 and under! (Target is one such outlet that offers a variety of colors and styles.)

Relaxed Artsy
Relaxed Artsy by GoodGirl on


All Women Stalker said...

Love the punkish look that you put together. And, agreed: a man can't go wrong with a trust vest. Adding more layers do suggest a more fashionable sense.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Agreed! I think men can play with fashion just as much as a woman can. I developed the punkish look, based on my boyfriend's style. I love how he puts stuff together, and I think there are other guys out there who already have this style or strive to incorporate these pieces into a full-fledge outfit. I think a vest is a necessity for sure.

Unknown said...

I love this post as it has posted together. I agree with you mam.

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