Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Battle Your Cellulite...and Win!

Sara of Beauty Chat and (an excellent reporter!) is all about battling the most annoying problem most women have: cellulite. 'Cause don't you want to sport that bikini without being self-conscious about your "cottage cheese" thighs? But don't worry! We all have it.
(I know I do...which is why I am addicted to squats and kickboxing. Fortunately, it has improved this condition a bit.)

Check out her recent post in's New year, new You section. Although cellulite will never go away completely, here are some products -- and information on Endermologie -- you might be able to come out on top and win that pesky battle you've been suffering from for years: "Your At-Home Guide to Cellulite Treatments."

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Anonymous said...

i love the yellow bikini!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Me too, and that's about it! ;-)