Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winner of the Shubi Bag Contest To Be Announced!

Coming soon! Stay tuned.

Other hot articles coming up:

- An interview with fashion and home decor designer Tracy Porter

- A guest blog post from Luxe Tips

- Nicole Richie and House of Harlow 1960

- My weight loss journey

- Styling and personal shopping info

- New, hot sites to join!

- ... and more!

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Stephanie said...

I found you thru Summer and I LOVE your blog! Any girl could use your services! Especially me...since I gained SOO much weight and NOTHING looks good on me anymore..sigh...

Milly said...

I can't wait and find out lol

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Such a swamped week! I can't wait to make this week a jam-packed schedule of articles galore! Thanks Milly for being patient ;)

Stephanie E, please contact me at or (909) 007-3216 if you want to chat and learn more about my services! I can understand your fashion frustrations. All women have 'em! My job is to help alleviate the challenges that you deal with...

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Whoops! That was (909) 997-3216.