Friday, December 5, 2008

KROQ at the Slidebar in Fullerton -- I Saw the "Miss Double D-ecember" pageant!

In addition to the rundown of the "Miss Double D-ecember 2009" article on, I thought I'd share two pics of me and two rockin' DJs of the-world-famous K-R-O-QQQQQUUUUEEEE!

In the cute beanie is Nicole Alvarez and in the cute coat is Lisa May! And that's me sporting my Tee. Audrey ('s cool SEO marketing manager) and I passed out tons of T-shirts and rub-on tattoos to a crowd of 90% guys who got to the Slidebar at 6 a.m. Talk about wanting to be up close in line to see boobies! Quite a phenomenon, I must say.

Hosted by Ralph Garman, the winner of the "Miss Double D-ecember" pageant was....Cassandra from Chino Hills. A local! I had a tank top and two of my business cards waiting for her, and I offered a modeling gig for our site, if she's ever interested! Muah! Perfect opportunity to get our name out there.

(Oh and I wore my Betsey Johnson black gladiator wedges with my new Forever 21 skinny jeans, and I will proudly say that I was comfortable even though standing and walking for a few hours. Just an FYI.)


The Muse said...

Well now aren't you the Gorgeous One!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha...don't all of them already have plastic surgery? That's def. a way to network though =)

Amanda Allison said...

Elana, I love your eye glasses. Wire frames are so not the business. Its all about the bold frame :)

Unknown said...

Hey Chica! You look cute so early in the morning! Lol. I've always wanted to go to one of those!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

The Muse -- gracias! Very sweet of you.

Join the Gossip -- True. So NOW, we want to see if they will model for our sites! Trying to think ahead, ya know?

Amanda - Thanks -- it's nice to get compliments on these. Figure, I will treat them as an accessory and make them work for me!

Monique -- It WAS early. I was probably half asleep in that pic. But the liveliness of it all kept me up and intrigued. You should try and go to an event like that. Next time you know of an event, contact the media contact person and let them know you're a writer. That's how we got in!