Friday, October 10, 2008

Which designer magazine ads are your favorite?

Hands down for me is Marc Jacobs - he is so daring and playful. And for years, I really felt that wearing his clothes would make me feel that way! Oddly enough, I do have one pair of his gaucho denim pants that actually make me feel quite glamorous. Huh.

Runner-up would be Louis Vuitton's glam ads.

What are yours?

Photo Credits: found on various fashion blog sites


natalie. said...

Marc jacobs always and forever - i absolutely love him. And the fact this ad stars m.i.a is the cherry on top of an awesome cake!

Anonymous said...

I'm not into fashion, but I would say that I used to like the old Tommy Hilfiger ads, where the models were red, white and blue, and their clothes were "preppy" looking.

idilceyhan said...

these marc by marc jacobs ads are perfect.
i really loved miu miu's kirsten dunst ads and, ysl with kate moss... and, i adore bottega veneta's calm and soft ads.
fashion.. passion.. love..

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Oh for sure -- miu miu ads are beautiful. Kate Moss is like the trophy model for an ad -- YSL is a good one.