Monday, August 4, 2008

BANG BANG BABY -- Watch out!

I have discovered an amazing jewelry line -- via myspace -- that I know my clients will simply adore; it is inspired by two of the coolest designers around. Owner and designer Liz Besanson admits that the ever-so-lovely Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarantino are some of the inspirations behind her line, Bang Bang Baby. So I had to "send a message" to this company, while asking to feature it on Diary of a Personal Shopper. Liz agreed (yay!).

A little background history: Born and raised in New York City, she did the corporate thing for awhile first, while gaining the backbone and tough skin that she needed in a competitive industry. Good thing, because Liz dealt with her fair share of rejection before being turned away from boutiques due to her jewelry line being too "edgy."

So she decided to transform the style of Bang Bang Baby into more chic and glamorous style with, still, a touch of edginess. Then it wasn't long before boutiques starting picking up on her eclectic combo, carrying her line in their store, and making their customers extremely grateful (I'm sure). And get this --Liz never studied jewelry design! But with her drive, talent, passion and unwillingness to hear "no," I ask you this: Does that matter when you are holding an awesome piece of custom-designed Bang Bang Baby jewelry? I think not.

Just see what Liz had to say for herself:

Me: What is your philosophy on fashion?

Liz: Fashion is always evolving. Trends come and go and we know this. To me, fashion is a form of expression as cliche as that sounds. Growing up in SoHo (New York City), I found myself loving the high-end boutiques, but not being able to afford them. So I developed a style that would look just as good without breaking my bank account. I frequently visited designer outlet malls and thrift-stores to find one-of-a-kind pieces to add to my wardrobe. Many people complimented my style and mentioned how "rich" I always look. Little did they know! I guess I bring the same influence into my jewelry designs. I prefer not to stick to one certain "look" or "style." I love them all, especially the edgy look. However, I can only take so much of it and then I need to wear something girly and fun! So when I take a step back and assess my jewelry style, it clearly speaks on the style that I personally own.

Me: Who is Bang Bang Baby designed for?

Liz: I would love to believe that I design for everyone, but this is not true. The 20 to 30-something crowd really gets my designs. They are my audience. There are a few others who will contact me to have something custom designed for them that aren't quite as quirky and bold.

Me: Tell me about the evolution of the name 'Bang Bang Baby'...

Liz: The name came about from searching on the Internet for inspiration. I wanted something that would be bold, fun, and would get people talking. While searching, I came across a picture of a vintage pin-up calendar girl. She was wearing a cowgirl outfit and holding a little gun that shot out a flag that read "Bang Bang Baby!" The picture was sexy, bold, and fun. It really jumped out at me! My designs are just that, and hence, the company name was born!

Want to win a Bang Bang Baby-designed piece of jewelry? Here's how you will win a surprise piece that Liz will pick from her new Fall "Retro Chic" 70s-inspired collection: Post the interview question that you would have liked me to include in this article. Then I pick my fave!

Contest will end this Friday, August 8th! GOOD LUCK.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Liz!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What an awesome line. I can definitely see both designers in her collection!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hey Leeann, thanks for the comment. Be sure to enter the contest by giving me the question you wish I would have included in the article! Good luck. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great post Elana! I saw this company last week, and I love their stuff!! Especially the "So Yummy" collection, I want to buy the necklace! Okay, here's my question for the giveaway:

So I see you have all the bases covered-necklaces, bracelets, hair bows, t-shirts, and rings, what plans do you have for Bang Bang Baby in the next five years? Maybe a handbag line?

Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

I love Bang Bang Baby! My favorite is the Cherry Retro Collection. :)

The question I wanted to find out is will she be carrying more handpainted slips? I loved her handpainted slips!

Hugs and love to Liz!

Victorianbustle @

The App Goddess said...

I've discovered some great jewelry on MySpace too. I will check them out. Thanks for the tip:)