Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work Your Body!

Wellness Editor

I work out with a personal trainer. This is a luxury for me --a way for me to treat myself well. I regularly hear spectators to my grueling fitness regime yell out "I should be doing that." But they don’t.

Excuses are paralyzing. Action is rewarding.

I started working out with my trainer Curtis a couple of years ago. We work out in the morning. This is great for me because it starts my day of with "me time" doing an activity that is beneficial for me. I’ve noticed when working out in the morning my eating habits tend to be on track throughout the day.

What I enjoy most about training (and Curtis’style) is that each session is some new and different challenge. I struggle, even yell sometimes, but in the end I leave with a natural high and knowing that I have done something good for my body. Today a woman commented on how good I look.

Another asked me if I was a trainer. Those comments from spectators are nice too!
Want to work out but can't afford a trainer? Try a boot camp. Boot camps allow you to work out in a group setting at a reduced cost and add a new group of people to your life for socializing and support. From time to time I also participate in a boot camp. It’s a fun group of people from all walks of life. We even spend time outside of working out at birthday parties, comedy events and recently, a quincenera.

To find a boot camp near you search the Internet for "boot camp" and the name of your city. Inquire about pricing, number of students, and type of training. I’ve lost weight, my stomach is flat and with my 20-year high school reunion approaching, I feel great about how I look.

Work out in style with Yoga and Pilates apparel from Travertine Spa, and learn more about Curtis Ludlow and his Fullerton boot camp at bootcampfx.com

Terry Carter is CEO of Travertine Spa. A former Attorney, Terry is our Wellness Editor who offers creative ways to treat yourself well. He provides healthy tips for living the spa lifestyle on any budget. E-mail your questions to him at concierge@travertinespa.com.

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