Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Detox for the Soul

With Travertine's Spa newest product available, the Hydrating Body Mist perfect for both men and women seeking renewal, and a summer sale on massage oils, Terry knows the importance of Wellness. And here is his latest!

By Terry Carter
Wellness Editor

I have been reading lately about “detoxing.” I was looking at this from the perspective of cleansing my body from the unhealthy things I ingest. My goal was to feel renewed. A fresh start.

Even better I thought was a detox of the soul. No, not an exorcism, but a time to really check out and heal from pressure, stress, personal issuesm and assorted drama. Haven’t you ever felt the need to just run away? Be still? Rest?

I do.

Once or twice a year I go to a monastery. I usually spend one day silent (no talking at all) and one day fasting. The amazing thing is that when I do speak again, I notice how much mindless chatter takes place instead of true communication. I am settled. Less anxious. I become closer to God and a bit more aware.

Find a quiet place where you can connect to what is important…and shake off the things that weigh you down. Don’t forget your favorite books and PJ’s.

My favorite places for rest are:

Mount Calvary Retreat House
Mission San Luis Rey
Prince of Peace Abbey

Terry Carter is CEO of Travertine Spa. A former Attorney, Terry is our Wellness Editor who offers creative ways to treat yourself well. He provides healthy tips for living the spa lifestyle on any budget. E-mail your questions to him at concierge@travertinespa.com.


Monique said...

I love Old Mission San Luis Rey...if you like that you should try Serra Retreat in Malibu. It is owned by the same people as the Mission. It is the Malibu Canyon and offers amazing views.

Terry, CEO, TravertineSpa.com said...

Hi Monique, You have great taste. Serra was my first choice that weekend but they were booked. Next time, i'll plan earlier. Thanks for the tip.