Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To Be or Not To Be a...Glamorous Bride

I'd like to think I know everything about everything fashion-related, but really, I would be kidding myself. As a walking contradiction, with a style you might call "boho classic," I have never defined myself as glamorous...because, well, I'm not. But you might be! So, with great pride, I present to you my first guest blogger: The beloved Chic Stories author, and my overseas fashion friend - Angel Grotton. This is her take on what makes a wedding irrestibly glamorous.

(After you've read this exclusive article on Diary of a Personal Shopper, my question for you: What do you think makes a perfect wedding?...Can you tell I'm getting the wedding bug...shhh...don't tell Steve!)

The Wedding: To say that it is one of the greatest days in our lives, actually, means to say NOTHING. Everything must be incredible. When a classic wedding is too boring, super cool is cliché, and retro doesn’t look promising, it's time to get a really glamorous wedding. Most people will say that a glamorous wedding is a kind of event with the best-dressed guests, gold candelabras, 80 private cars, 70,000 kilos of flowers, 5,000 candles, and super expensive gifts…and they are right – but only to some extent. A truly glamorous wedding needs not only a certain dose of romance; it needs the talent to arrange everything perfect and a fresh vision of the world, it needs… Well, in order to find it out you’ll have to read this article till the end:

1) Definitely, a wedding DRESS (and it must IMPRESS). There is no other way as to pay attention to celebrities’ style and then … go couture!!! What I am talking about? If you are thinking about an elaborate ruffled train, Christian Louboutin super high heels and a vintage-jeweled rosary, as Christina Aguilera did, or a Dior by John Galliano wedding dress with a lace veil and the hot-pink trim, as Gwen Stefani thought, be sure your mind is focused on all the right details. Think only Swarovski crystals, fur-trimmed opera gloves, a strapless gown, a sophisticated hat, and even a long sweeping train is a must. You must shine, so a tiara is a kind of thing you can’t go without and just one more detail – a bouquet. There are no limits here, just choose something you are absolutely wild about.

2) FIANCE and RINGS. Since we are talking about a really glamorous girl, we must bear in mind, that she is a cool girl and perfectly knows what she wants, so, this girl doesn’t necessarily need a super boy. She is already a super girl, and two super people in one marriage are too many. She needs a husband that will take care of her, love her, and respect her. What about rings? Something like Eva Longoria's 18K white gold ring with two rows of incredible 80 diamonds, and a row of 27 square-cut diamonds will be a prefect choice. But, if you don’t feel like spending all your money onto a single ring, or opulence is not something you are crazy about, forget it and buy a ring you like the most (but diamonds are a must).

3) SETTING. Opulence is above everything. Such things as a simple restaurant hall decorated with balloons and a poster “Be happy!” have nothing in common with a glamorous wedding. The more the decor resembles the incredibly elegant and chic Luttrellstown Castle, the better. Historic mansions or estates, castles and palaces belong to such places you are looking for. The must-have elements: a huge staircase, a plenty of gold or crystal chandeliers, gold and ornate designs, frescoes, a lush garden, a marble dance floor, red velvet curtains, antique mirrors. The second must-have thing in décor is flowers. Any wedding can’t be complete without millions of flowers, and when it comes to a glamorous gala we should talk not only about quality but about quantity as well.

4) CAKE. Why not think about a bejeweled cake, or the one with Swarovski crystals? Today’s trend in glamorous cakes creating is all things that shine; chocolate, lace, pearls and beads. A great idea for a glamorous girl is to think about a kind of similarity between a cake and a dress.

5) LOVE. And to my mind, this point is the most important among all the above-mentioned. Why? Because a glamorous girl will never think about a marriage for money, it is a destiny of unlucky girls. Because only love is real, it gives you incredible strength. Even thousands of miles can’t separate you, because you have no reasons to worry. Love means trust, so, you are happy and quiet. What is more, love is an upper – it is a star that will twinkle your way. It makes you a better person than you were before. Only loving eyes can heal your soul and soothe your pain.
And please, don’t forget, that a glam girl will NEVER:

- Pay attention to numerous superstitions
- Make a circus out of her wedding
- Feel stressed on the eve of her wedding
- faint away if something goes wrong, ‘cause even if something goes wrong
- Improvisation is welcomed

Love and be loved!!!!

xoxoxo...Thanks Angel.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, my dear fashion friend! I am touched with your warm words about my post!!!!! I am honored to be your first guest blogger! Hope your readers will like my post.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

It was my pleasure Angel -- love your writing style and thoughts.