Saturday, February 9, 2008

Such Thing as Customer Service in Upscale Boutiques?

My sister had a recent run-in with poor customer service at a local boutique pouring with Ed Hardy stuff in Claremont, CA (to my neighbor fashion junkies -- it's in the newly built area of the Village), and I reacted in a distinct way that made me proud. Yet, being a week later since the incident happened, I'm not so sure if I did more of a disservice than actually helping the situation.

So I'd like for you to take this personal quiz to see how YOU would react. And then I will tell you which route I took, and which store actually turned my sister's mood around. They definitely deserve a shout-out. Here we go:

If your sister sent you a text message saying that she just spent time in an empty store with her daughter in a stroller (unfolding jeans and holding them up to look at over and over without assistance), and was so disappointed that the two women at the counter did not even say a "Good morning!" to her, that she walked out offended and embarassed...what would you do?

A. Nothing

B. Nothing, but never step inside that store again

C. Encourage your sister to go back and complain about the store's lack of customer service

D. Meet up with your sister, go back to the store and YOU do the fussing

E. Call up the store, ask to speak to the manager and share your sister's experience and disappointment with him or her

F. Visit the shop by yourself and do a test run -- see if they talk to you -- in order to see it was how they really are with just one person or if it is based on other factors. But either way, you never go back.,

G. You jump online and write a Google or Yahoo review about that boutique's poor customer service

H. You judge the store for yourself and make your own judgement. What happened to your sister could have been her fault -- it has nothing to do with you...

I. Other

Good customer service is near and dear to me, so I am extremely interested in how you would have reacted. Be open, and feel free to let the juices flow!!!

Photo Credits: My camera capturing the fabulousness of my sissy and niece hittin' the sidewalk.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I would probably choose A or B. To go back would just waste your time and energy. If the employees weren't paying attention to your sister then they probably wouldn't remember her or the situstion.

Bad customer service happens all the time (unfortunately). I experience it regularly. I just chalk it up to people being rude.

I have a feeling that you took the G approach, you're a writer, it's what you do! (And you know I have made use of those services as well ;)

Anonymous said...

I would probably choose E, and call the manager. I would first encourage my sister to speak up about her experience and if she didn't want to, I would probably take it upon myself to do it.

I also know the importance in good customer service, and when a family member or I are not subject to that, it is unacceptable.

Unknown said...

I'll definitely do C. btw- your niece is way too adorable :-)

Unknown said...

To the left ... to the left ... Honestly, I wouldn't even stress it -- she'll just NEVER get a penny out of me, EVER! Haha...


xx nikki

Crimzen Creative said...

If I were in that situation, I would probably have gone up to the counter and said hello if they had ignored me. I wouldn't let it bother me and definitely would not go back.