Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chic Things on Sale!

I used to schlep my Lucky magazine (bible), marketing pages that need editing, and my Target organizer to and from my hands. Or sometimes I would try to stuff it in my big brown H&M bag (pictured here). Then I realized, this is no way to live!

So coming across this leopard tote on one of my most favorite online boutiques, My Chic Things, I was ecstatic!!! It's a perfect tote for my stuff, funks up all of my outfits, and is a pretty fashionable briefcase.

Beth Anderson's stuff is totally affordable and her sales are fabulous - so I must share this with you!

Price of my tote: $4.50
Price of my keychain (which I use as a charm for my briefcase): $3.00

Total roundabout cost for both (a little tax included): Less than 10 bucks!!!

One of my proudest purchases to date!

Dig it?


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!! It is super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel naked without it now! It's my attempt to organize my belongings. Yes, Denice, I know you're smiling right now thinking: "Well, you got a long way to go!"...right? ;)